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Every business uses signs to try to capture people’s attention. Inside of your property you can often advertise whatever you want, but outside of your property you may be in need of a sign permit. At Signs Idea Inc., we can help get you the sign permits that your business needs to hang or display signs in any number of settings.

Why a Sign Permit?

Sign Permits are often used when you need to display a large sign that could obstruct views or cause issues with city planners. Los Angeles CA. has sign permits for a variety of sign types, as well as certain restrictions on other signs used on your property. Filing these permits can be a challenge, which is why we will work with the building department to get you the permits you need to display your sign. Examples of signs that may need permits include:

  • Light Box Signs – Any lighted sign may be in need of a lighted sign permit, because the light from the sign can be considered problematic in some instances. Approval for these signs requires filling out and filing the right forms.
  • Channel Letters – Like light box signs, channel letters also require permits, because you need permission to create that type of light in and around your property.
  •  Awnings – An awning permit is often also necessary, because awnings can invade city property or other people’s property. Awning permits require special filings and considerations.
  • Large Format Signs – Larger signs, like wall hanging signs and other large format signs, are often in need of permits. We can make sure you have the certification that you need to put your sign up proudly.

Setting Up Your Sign

In addition to sign permit filing, we also provide sign setup and installation. So not only can be create the sign for you and file the paperwork, but we can make sure that your sign is up wherever it is to be located, and placed their correctly to ensure that it conforms to all safety guidelines.

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